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So many of our products come from customer requests or suggestions. Recently a customer asked me about making scented wax tarts for their wax burner. They wanted something more natural than the current *petroleum* based tarts on the market… especially since they know I will always disclose all my ingredients (unlike those *other guys*)… so I started researching. Soy wax was the obvious 1st choice. As I was looking at the waxes and saw the one Rebecca had chosen to use for her candles… I noted the phrases skin safe and cosmetically tested (please note NOT all soy waxes are!!!). Hmmm…. so why would you want soy wax on your skin? A little more research and wow exciting possibilities! First I found many articles recommending paraffin wax for pain relief… especially for arthritis. Interesting! But paraffin is petroleum based… ick. Then I found *massage candles*…. hmmm… ahem… very interesting. But… who wants to deal with a wick? My mind raced… and Song of Solomon Massage Tarts were born! Yeah the mom of 11 would think of those FIRST! LOL And yes… we LOVE using the ones I made! We blend the soy wax with cocoa butter, shea butter, and sunflower oil…

massage tarts sos

Next I turned my hands to the ones for pain. Of course you know I can’t choose to just use butters, oils, and waxes… I pondered our Fire & Ice versus our Relief Blend and chose to start with Fire and Ice. It seemed to lend itself better to the idea of moist warmth…. And of course I love using infused oils for a more powerful punch… so I started by infusing the sunflower oil with arnica and cayenne…

massage tarts f&i 1 massage tarts f&i 2

Then I added the essential oils and Fire & Ice Massage Tarts were born!

**NEW** Massage Tarts – Use in your warmer… the soy wax has a very low melting point so it doesn’t burn… just moist heat…. blended with our luxurious butters and oils.


Song of Solomon Massage Tarts… awaken the romance. The texture is different from the Whipped Body Butter. Use these for a sensual massage for your partner or play a bit with the warmth of the butters and oils… that can stimulate the senses in new and exciting ways.

Song of Solomon Massage Tart ingredients – Soy wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, sunflower oil, and essential oils of ylang ylang, orange, cinnamon and clove

Fire and Ice Massage Tarts… rub away the aches and pains. Let the moist heat ease your discomfort…

Fire and Ice Massage Tart ingredients – Soy wax, cocoa butter, shea butter, arnica and cayenne infused sunflower oil, menthol crystals, and essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon and clove

And THEN I finally got around to creating the Scented Wax Tarts for your wax burners…

I could have used a different soy wax so they could be 100% soy… but I greatly prefer the idea of using SKIN SAFE wax… just in case. OK so with my soy wax… the tarts would be a touch too soft and not unmold well. What to do? Enter bees wax. I am using a LOCAL bees wax that *I* clean. We played with the ratio… and found one we love. We are making these in both essential oil and fragrance oil options! At the moment we started with loose blocks… but are going to add the clam shell break away options you are more used to. And as always… WE FULLY DISCLOSE OUR INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!!!

**NEW** Scented Wax Tarts – Use in your warmer… the soy wax has a very low melting point so it doesn’t burn… blended with  LOCAL bees wax.

$3.00/bag of 4 (2oz total weight)

Essential Oils

Orange Spice (orange, cinnamon, and clove)

Winter Mint (peppermint, wintergreen, and eucalyptus)

Texadus Version of Thieves Oil (blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon cassia, eucalyptus, and rosemary)


Fragrance Oils

East Texas Pecan Praline

Amaretto By Mornin’

Spiced Cranberry

Honeysuckle Jasmine

Very Vanilla



Why SOY????  Soy wax is eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable, carbon neutral, and more.

Traditional paraffin wax candles and tarts are made with petroleum by-products and stearic acid. These chemicals are released into the atmosphere when heated or burned. This is what produces the soot you see when burning a traditional paraffin wax candle. Because traditional paraffin candles are made with petroleum by-products they are a non-renewable resource.

Soy wax is a completely natural product. The soy in your tarts and candles was likely growing in a field a year ago. Soy candles burn much cleaner and consequently they produce far less soot. Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax, making it a longer-lasting and safer. Soy candles will usually last 30-50 percent longer than traditional paraffin wax candles.

Our tarts and candles… are handmade from cosmetic grade soy wax, LOCAL bees wax and quality fragrance or essential oils. Our tarts and candles are hand crafted in small batches.



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  1. Hi Lynn, I spoke with you yesterday by phone, would like to place an order and pick up Wednesday at farm. Would like these things that I find on site, all will be small size to try out and use as stocking stuffers: Relief Salve (2), Fire and Ice Salve (4), Chest Rub (4), Tushie Cream (2), Soap (1- Tea Tree Oil Plus). From the prices I see I think it comes to $30.50. Probably will get some other things not yet posted on site. Besides cash, what forms of payment do you take, thank you.

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