All our soap is made a small batch at a time by Rebecca & Lynn in wooden molds created by Harold.

mold 1 mold 3

All soaps (except laundry bars) are made with fresh GOATS MILK from our own herd of goats that we milk by hand every day.

molly milking

Soap is $6.00 bar minimum weight is 4.5oz – I cut each bar by hand and weigh it out.

Special SOAP deals –

buy 4 get $2 off (4 for $22) USE CODE Buy4 or

buy 5 get 1 FREE (6 for $30) USE CODE Buy5Get1 or Buy10Get2 or

buy 15 get 5 FREE (20 for $90) USE CODE Buy15Get5

Shipping – I will gladly ship your soap for you Priority Mail (USPS) or First Class (USPS)





[Soap scent list, descriptions, and pictures here.]





Soaps — 6 Comments

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market! I love the soaps, headache stick (working hard on giving my husband a headache so we can try it), lotion bars, boo-boo balm & the fire/ice salve. I will definitely buy more of your products in the future! My friend purchased your laundry soap & loves it, so that is on my list. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love the soaps! I was at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and purchased two bars. It is my first time trying soaps like these and I will say that I absolutely adore them!! I will be buying more. Nice to know there is a price break for buying multiples.

  3. JSYK it’s a long comment***
    Your soap is legitimately a miracle for me. My aunt had given me a maternity gift after my second child was born in February. I kept it for months thinking “goats milk soap sounds cool but I’ll save it for if I get desperate” kind of like my emergency soap lol well picking it up was the best thing to happen to my skin since I was born im convinced. I’ve always struggled with sensitive skin all over my body. red, irritable, large pores, frequent breakouts, you name it I’ve had it. I hardly ever wore clothes that showed much skin and when I did I covered up with makeup. And not very well if I’m being honest. When I used the soap My skin was tighter but soft and legitimately glowing. I went without makeup in public for the first time in years and after 2 days of using the soap my scars were less noticeable my redness was fading dramatically and I wore a spaghetti strap with confidence. I even used it on my scalp instead of shampoo and was again so suprised. I have been rationing the 1inx1in piece I had left while I looked online For anything that might look familiar and I’m glad I waited. My aunt found the label and here I am. Long story short I’m obsessed with the soap lol so thank you!!

  4. I love this product and I’m so glad my mother in law showed me. I have really sensitive skin and daily I find new things that irritate it. Even olay messes with it, granted it had smell. But anyway I tried this and it works great! No rashes or itching. Also, as the environment is important to me I don’t have to worry about palm oil.
    The guys that run this are very sweet and have great communication with you. Definitely will continue to get my soap here 😊

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