Scrabble – The Goat that got me in trouble

Scrabble – The Goat that got me in trouble

By Farmer Jones

About 5 years ago, we got an opportunity to purchase a nice package of Mini-Mancha dairy goats from a goat person on the other side of Dallas.

A couple of our children went along for the ride and all had a good time.

While there, loading up the new members of our herd, we were introduced to a little mutt of a baby goat.  She had a rough start in life and was separated from the herd.  Since Aaron took such loving interest in her, the lady offered that we could have her if we wanted her.  Catering to Aaron’s emotions at the time and not knowing any reason to say no, we brought her home. (And what I was told is the doeling jumped into Aaron’s arms and the breeder said “She’s yours!” LOL)

Let’s just say a meeting of the minds took place when our goat to be named later was presented, and this farmer was educated as to the many reasons why you don’t bring just any goat (especially not someone else’s kid with possible or recent health issues) to your farm.  Mrs. Farmer Jones was clearly not pleased with this turn of events.

The Good Lord blessed us through this little goat.  She gratefully turned out to have no major goat illness (which I learned could have threatened our entire herd).

This little mutt of a goat, that we named Scrabble, – part Mini LaMancha, part Nubian, part Alpine, after her first kidding showed us that she indeed could make milk.  After just two years, Scrabble was near the top of our herd of dairy goats as far as milk output.

In 2011, this little “mutt” (term used lovingly) gave us over 13lbs. of milk (close to 1.5 gallons) per day for several days, held the highest average output of our herd, and finished the year having given us over 230 glorious gallons of milk from that now highly prized little udder. At that point we began calling her “Mighty Mutt”.

Scrabble has already assured herself a place in the Texadus Farm Animal Hall of Fame.

(And Mrs. Farmer Jones admits she was WRONG. Scrabble besides being an incredible milker is a sweet goat and an easy kidder. She is the goat we chronicled in “Goat Birthing **graphic pictures**”) Thank you Farmer Jones for bringing her home.

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