Scrabble Kidded!!

Finally! The first kidding of year. This is always exciting on so many levels. New life is always exciting. There is also the special surprise of seeing how each breeding worked. The knowledge that FRESH MILK will really be here soon is wonderful. Then there is the PURE JOY of watching the new kids playing with our human kids. Since we started in goats spring has become our FAVORITE time of the year.

I’ve never been the patient type… and waiting for kids definitely ahem… demonstrates that fact clearly. Add in waiting over a WEEK after we thought the girls were *due*… just added to my impatience. But it was definitely worth waiting for.

We were really almost SHOCKED to realize that we actually had a goat in labor. I had just decided they were playing with me and NO ONE would kid (I told you I am not patient!) when Isaac checked and found Scrabble had a FULL UDDER and her *ligaments were gone* (kidding sign where the ligaments in their tail area soften and loosen to prepare for the kids to pass through).

Scrabble is an easy kidder so I decided to do a photo shoot of her labor & birth. I will do a SEPARATE blog post with those pictures… they are graphic, but fascinating!

She had twins. Samuel is pushing the buckling Barnaby off his lap and Molly has Perquacky the doeling.

Perquacky was 4lbs and Barnaby 5lbs… about average for mini’s on our farm. They are usually 5-6lbs.

Scrabble is also called Mighty Mutt. She is an alpine/nubian/mini mancha cross and an incredible milker. This is her 3rd kidding and 3rd set of twins. Sire is Columbo. Barnaby goes to his new home tomorrow and we will possibly offer Perquacky for sale, though the dc are balking!

Samuel likes Perquacky!

So does Molly!

Feeding time!!!

Now we continue waiting… for Paradise, Trinity, and Martha….. come on girls!

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