Produce – Week of 1/24/12

We’ll have the following produce available as long as it lasts –

A reminder all our produce is chemical and pesticide free… ALWAYS

Collard Greens

Broccoli Greens
Spinach (heirloom) New Zealand and Bloomsdale varies how much we have
of each so ask
$2.50 quart bag

$3/bunch (6-8 per bunch without greens)

Mixed Lettuce
$2.50 small bag
$4.00 large bag

Cabbage (green and purple)
$2.50 / head

Baby Carrots
$1.50 snack bag, cleaned

Long Scarlet Radishes
$1.50 snack bag, cleaned

Broccoli **last of this patch will be picked & sold this week**
$3.00/ head
$3.00/ bag of florets

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