Preparing & Planning

As January ends here in East Texas we are busy preparing and planning.

FARM – Jan 31, 2009

Preparing for kidding season –

We have already had 2 goats kid this year. Rain kidded buck/doe twins 2 weeks ago, the day AFTER we sold her. Rebecca’s Aria kidded buck/doe twins 1 week ago. They are currently living in our *nursery area* in the breakfast nook. It looks like they are the only two from Group 1 to have been bred during that session. (More on that in an upcoming blog.) Group 2 should start kidding within the next 2 weeks. We have 4 does in the maternity yard *waiting* plus Aria. If all goes well at least 9 does should kid in Feb & Mar.

Preparing for spring planting –

We still have greens, cabbage, carrots, and beets in the garden. Harold tilled last weekend and we are getting ready to plant peas. We are waiting for our order from Baker Creek, but bought 2 packs locally to get something in the ground. We continue to add used animal bedding and leaves to the garden areas. The frame is up for our green house and we hope to get the skin on tomorrow. For now we are going to use it to get our seedlings started and maybe hurry along some tomatoes.

Planning this year’s goat escapades –

We are planning to separate the La Mancha and Mini La Mancha herds since the MM gain weight on air. Planning all new well-SEPARATED buck yards (yes there are stories there!). We are discussing showing for the first time. Planning our breeding seasons… yes ALREADY.

Planning this year’s garden –

Besides the new green house and our current 100×100 garden plot we are planning an herb garden in tubs and a 50×50 or so garden expansion. The pigs have done an excellent job of tilling up this new expansion plot.

Poultry Planning –

The boy’s ducks are laying well and we hope in a couple months to move them to a new and expanded area. We are still discussing if it will be a movable or stationary yard. The new chickens are starting to lay and we are making plans to separate out certain varieties for breeding. We plan to tractor the white rocks this year and breed our own *meat birds*. We are planning to try to tractor the turkeys as well, but we shall see.

Rabbitry Planning –

We want to enlarge our rabbitry this year. The goal is 3 bucks and 12 does. Right now we have 4 bucks and 7 does and 6 juvenile does. We are planning to enlarge both hoop houses and add a rabbit tractor for growing out.

Lots of planning and lots of preps.

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