Our Gardening Crew

While we girls cooked and baked this weekend, the guys were busy in the garden.

They had a bucket brigade going to dig up compost and transfer it to the garden beds.

Aaron, Micah, Samuel, and Isaac filling buckets with compost…

Buddies (Micah & Samuel)

Is there anything better than getting to dig in the dirt barefoot??

Caleb, Samuel, Isaac, & Micah… hauling the buckets

Chickens & cats like compost too.

Harold working on a new bed in the main garden.

The PVC frames we use to cover our tender plants against frost & freeze.

New small garden area… we put English peas in it for now, but it will grow the cucumbers later on. I wanted crops that vine all over¬† OUT of the main garden.

Yes, we garden by hand… shovels, pitch forks, buckets, and lots of muscles. The boys REALLY want a new tiller.

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