Noah’s Solar System

With 4 little boys… 10, 8, 6, and 4… I am not a fan of scissors. Noah got tired of asking and learned to tear his paper for his pictures carefully. Becca says *this* is why he won’t let daddy clip his nails! LOL


Noah worked on his own to create this solar system… I think he did a great job. Again and again the creativity my dc show amazes me.


the artist and his work


close up

Saturn (this is where the finger nails came in handy)….


Noah is an intensely visual child. He sees something and wants to recreate it. He loves to draw and write. When younger he loved to create words and notes with our letter blocks. He has frequently *labeled* our home… in fact did it again in sidewalk chalk this week. So yes, I live and live gladly with writing and pictures on my floors, furniture, and walls. Now he is expanding out… last week it was using the wooden logs to create outlines of the country and states. This week it is tearing paper. Besides the solar system he has done the alphabet and numbers 0-9.


What will he come up with next?

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