Is Skim Milk Making You FAT and Sick?

Please check out the article at this link….

“Finally, truth of the low-fat and non-fat dairy con is going mainstream. The skim milk is more associated to weight gain than whole, full-fat milk and this article tells why. Added to skim milk is powdered milk solids which are high in dangerous oxidized cholesterol and forms arterial plaque.”

“It is permissible to have adulterated and dangerous milk-based products being sold, marketed and subsidized¬† by USDA and their corporate partners in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and jails and everywhere you turn.¬† Twenty percent of Americans get sick soon after drinking a glass of any kind. The real fresh genuine, wholesome, full-fat, unprocessed milk from pastured cows is essentially outlawed in most states and is targeted to be banned everywhere in the US under the federal Healthy People 2020 program.”

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