Goat breeding season is starting to wind down

Breeding season started here in August. Last year we tried July, but no one took and it actually seemed to delay them a bit. So we went back to August this year. We are still trying to come closer to year round milk without using hormones. I really think we’ll come very close this year. November begins on Monday and we are still milking 12 goats and kidding should start in January.

Group 1 should be due in January – Fantasia (MM) bred to Columbo (MM), Aria (MM) bred to Thunder (MM), Serrano (LMx) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Nutmeg (LMx) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Almost Paradise (LM) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), and Scarlet Fever (MM) bred to Thunder (MM)

Group 2 should be due in February (This is my biggest group and overall my best milkers.) – Honey (LM) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Babee bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Cinnamon (LMx) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Martha (MM) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Trinity (LM) bred to Cherokee Bill (LM), Scrabble (MMx mutt) bred to Columbo (MM), Old Thyme Religion (LMx) bred to Columbo (MM), and Rumba (MM) bred to Little Foot (MM)

Group 3 should be due in March (These are my 2010 spring kids. With me being pregnant this year I made the decision to just breed all the first freshners Mini Mancha so as to minimize any potential kidding issues. I don’t expect any, but the fact is you never know. All these girls are bred to Thunder since we know he *gets the job done*. We do not refer to him as testosterone on hooves for nothing.) – Rosemary & Corriander (LMx) (Cinnamon/Bill twins), Uno & Pinochle (MMx mutts) (Scrabble/Columbo twins), Cherish You (LM) (Babee/Anson), and Abigail Adams (MM)  (Martha/Columbo).

Actually there are a few more bred that do not fit a category… Snickerdoodle (from our beloved lost Dolce) spent the spring, summer, fall with Thunder) and so did Cracklin’ Rosie (Vicki Rae/Bill) who was born late in 2009. Then we have two girls wintering down in Houston where they will be bred… Sonata (MM) and Let Me Call You Sweetheart (LM)… looking forward to hearing who they are bred to.

Yes, we are planning to kid out 24 goats. Yes, we are insane. LOL I will definitely have some lovely milkers for sale next spring as 24 is more than we want to milk by hand right now. It is getting harder to cut though as our herd improves and everyone feels like a keeper.


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  1. I LOVE your blog. We about some land on FM 999, close to FM 1971 in Panola county. I have been reading about the La Mancha milking goats and would like to come visit your farm. This summer I would like to take a 50 mile challenge – only eat food that is produced within 50 miles of our farm. Currently, my husband has a cow-calf operation so we butcher our own beef. I am particularly interested in the goats and the chickens that lay the colored eggs. I know they have a name, but it has escaped me at this time. I hope you will email me.

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