Goat Birthing **graphic pictures**

Many have expressed interest in seeing step by step kidding pictures. Since Scrabble is a fairly quick & easy kidder and went into labor during daylight hours I decided to do a photo shoot of her birth. Fair warning you will see blood, you will see goo, and you will see the rear end of goat if you read through this!

Goats are pregnant for about 150 days. Our girls usually have twins and triplets. Singles are fairly unusual, but more common than quads. Our kids generally weigh 4–6lbs for the mini breeds and 7-9lbs on the full size. The ideal *presentation* for the baby goat (how it comes out) is front hooves on nose… also called the diving position.

Scrabble AKA “Mighty Mutt” is an alpine x nubian x mini mancha. We bred her to Columbo our Mini Mancha buck last September.  We pen breed so we usually do not have an exact due date, but rather approximate. Pen breeding means we put the buck in the yard with the does for several days, weeks, months… vs hand breeding where you take the doe to the buck let him breed her and take her back to her yard (or visa versa). La Manchas are quieter than some other breeds and for us hand breeding would mean it is too easy to miss a heat and end up with a doe open (not bred).

Feb 7th about noon we noticed Scrabble was really starting to *udder up* so we checked her tail ligaments and they were very very soft and we noticed a little *goop*, so we were fairly sure she’d kid that day.

We made sure to put down some fresh hay for bedding. She thought she had to taste it.

Most of our goats continue to eat in labor.

Within the hour we saw she was definitely having contractions. Yeah *baby day*!  Almost Paradise is playing doula.

Pay attention to me!!!

Isaac the midwife.


Awwww we have a bubble!!

Come on you are doing great! Can you see the nose?? This little one tried to chew Isaac’s fingers THROUGH the bag of waters!

Now you can really see the nose!

Here we come!

Bag is still intact.

Cleaning off the face…. it’s a doeling!!

Aren’t I cute!?

Yes, there is some blood after the birth.

There’s number 2!

This is a very common sight with number 2, 3, or 4… bulging bags & membranes preceding baby.

There’s the head!

Bag still intact… the red line is membranes.

Cleaning the nose & mouth… it’s a buckling

I forgot to get a placenta shot… the dam continues to bleed for several days to a week. It is not unusual for her to stop then, have some more discharge 5-7 days later.

Kids in the tote… hooves & navels iodined… to prevent infection. And vit e caps given by mouth. They are now waiting for their bottles of colostrum.

Congratulations Scrabble on a job well done! Perquacky the doe was 4lbs (9lbs at 10 days old!) and her brother Barnaby Jones was 5lbs.

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