Fall and winter gardening at Texadus Family Farm

Fall is definitely HERE! We’ve had our first frosts and covered the garden several times so far. This is always a bit challenging the first few times as we track down row covers and plastics, deal with new beds or differently planted beds. Hopefully we’ll find our rhythm soon. It took almost 6 hrs to set up the first time this season.

So how do we cover our beds? We use pvc frames that Harold designed and we drape 6ml plastic over them. These work great for us and are reusable year after year.

Last year we were able to grow lettuce and spinach ALL winter long with these, even under the snow. We hope to repeat that this year.

So what is growing in our garden right now?

We are still harvesting sweet banana and bell peppers. The green beans are slowing down and we got the fall purple hull peas in a bit late to get much of s crop. The lettuce is doing well. Greens are doing good though the bugs seem to especially enjoy mustard greens.

We currently have both Bloomsdale Longstanding and New Zealand spinach being picked. The NZ was planted in the spring and we have picked on it ALL summer! The NZ is a stronger flavored spinach, with softer more pointed leaves. The Bloomsdale is a larger, firmer, more wrinkled leaf with a milder flavor. If you want to talk spinach, see Isaac. He has taken the spinach crop as his own and is handling the planting & harvesting.

What is coming up? We have carrots, beets, turnips, cabbage, and broccoli all growing well though not yet ready to be picked.

We have a few radishes ready… if you can pry them away from Aaron & I. These are the best I have tasted in years and we’ll be planting more. The variety in Long Scarlett. They are crisp and juicy, not at all woody. They are spicy without being hot.

I love having a fall & winter garden and being able to enjoy fresh produce year round… feel free to remind me of that when I am out there shivering as I pick… LOL

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