Ella is 3 weeks old today… update on us and pictures

She is such a sweet doll. It feels like she has always been with us.

She has outgrown her NB clothes and is comfortably wearing 0-3mos. She is still in the XS cloth diapers though.

We just weighed her and she is about 11lbs… by my scale… at birth she was 8lbs 4oz.

We have learned I can NOT eat chocolate. If I do… she will FUSS ALL NIGHT.

She is well loved by all her siblings… and loves to be held… and walked. Samuel (5)  likes to pat her and talk to her.

We took her off the property for the first time Sat evening. She did pretty good. We went to Sam’s. 60min trip there went ok. Time in the store went ok. Trip home… she cried about half of it. Went to Walmart Sunday and she did great.

She is nursing good and usually sleeping good.

She likes her feet and legs rubbed.

She loves baths… but NOT being washed.

She is aware of what is around her… and does a lot of rubber necking to be sure she is not missing anything. Like yesterday when I tried to nurse her, but brother Isaac was working behind us… she had her head all the way back to watch him. LOL

She has started smiling when awake and cooing and making adorable faces.

She is mixed on the idea of floor time… liked it Monday… hated it Tuesday.

We are so very blessed to have her. :bh

Oh when we headed out Saturday dh wondered how many people would question the *grandparents* being out with such a young baby. I think we had 1… as a young lady asked “Is she yours?” LOL I just said yes, and noted she is our 11th. This is what happens when you have a baby when you are a bit ahem more mature… LOL I am 46 and dh is 53.

I got up and about more on Saturday… and am working to reclaim my house (slowly) and starting school.

I had a bout of mastitis, but it only lasted 2-3 days.

I am back off soda since right before she was born… 23 days today. I am back to drinking Cranky Lady Tea… or UNsweet tea with lemon if we are out. I bought fruit and salad things Sunday… and am enjoying them. My weight is hovering 180-182 (which is 30lbs UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight). Becca is going to sew me two new skirts… from our fabric stash.



Baby Ella smile



Baby Ella Frog Princess



Baby Ella *floor time*


Baby Ella having floor time next to Micah (7) while the littles watch Grammar Rock for school.


We don’t *put that baby down* at our house… if mommy needs to do something daddy or a sibling holds the baby. Isaac had her yesterday for a bit while I did some school prep and laundry.



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