Dairy Goats

We have chosen to raise La Mancha and Mini Mancha dairy goats. We love their sweet temperaments and rich milk. La Mancha’s are considered a medium size goat. They originated in the US from goats of Spanish origin and do well in our Texas heat. La Manchas are seasonal breeders. La Manchas are often called the perfect *homestead goat* and it is said they have a will to milk. The most distinguishing characteristic of La Mancha goats is something they seem to be missing…. EARS. Now, they do have ears, but very small and unique in comparison to the long eared Nubian or the upright ears of the Alpine. Mini Mancha’s are a cross of a La Mancha doe and a Nigerian Dwarf buck. They are smaller goats, which are easier for some to handle, tend to higher butterfat due to the ND influence, they eat less, and usually milk less. However, 2 of my top 5 milkers are Mini Manchas.

We raise our babies CAE preventative. We pull kids at birth and hand raise feeding heat treated colostrum then pasteurized milk. Our kids are extremely friendly thanks to all the interaction with the two legged kids.

Though we enjoy all aspects of our farm I think the goats remain the favorites. Goats are incredibly personable animals.


Dairy Goats — 2 Comments

  1. I am looking to buy a buck and possibly a doe also. Do you have anything for sale at this time??? We live in central Louisiana.

    Thank you.
    Lane Hunt
    (318) 659-4725