Closer to the end…

Three more goats kidded this week.

Rumba (MM) had a single 8# buckling on Tuesday.

Then Ruby who now belongs to our friends at Swede Farm kidded triplets, a buckling and two doelings. The doelings will be called Lucille and Bed of Roses, Ruby is a MM and was bred to our friend’s alpine buck. Both doelings will be coming back here.

And this afternoon Honey (LM) kidded. Honey was bred to our newer LM buck, Cherokee Bill and they presented us with a buckling (7#) and a doeling (5.5#). The doeling is a lovely chocolate brown with a small white mark on her head. We are calling her “Cross My Heart”. Becca chose her name. I favored “Pretty Woman”.

We are now just waiting on Nutmeg and Serrano to kid. Then we have a break until at least June… depending on if the January breedings *took*.

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