About Us – Introduction

About Us – Introduction

Welcome! We are Harold and Lynn Jones. Let me share a bit about us and why our farm is called Texadus.

In the fall of 2003 we were a normal suburban Southern California family. OK… a normal suburban family expecting their 8th child. We had talked for years of moving, but never did anything about it. Suddenly, Harold decided it was TIME. We narrowed it down to Texas and by May 2004 we were the proud and astonished owners of 11 acres deep in the Piney Woods of NE Texas. We have come to feel we made our *exodus* to the *promised land* of Texas. We were shell shocked and thrilled with our new state and continued to quickly make huge changes.

In July of 2004 we started our homestead with chicks and guinea keets. We met a local family who raised of all things… DAIRY GOATS.  Lynn was interested. Harold commented to friends that he thought it was a “Baaaaaaad idea.” Then, we were offered a taste of raw goats milk… which we sipped with some skepticism. We were amazed. We were hooked. And in September of 2004 we became the owners of 2 La Mancha dairy goats – Gypsy and Vickie Rae. The seller bred them for us to a Nubian buck and in Feb 2005 we assisted at our first kidding. Cinnamon and Sugar were born, followed by Ginger and Fred. Since then we have added many more goats, more chickens, more guineas, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, and 2 new Texans born and bred.

When we moved Harold left is career in circuit board manufacturing. Our desire was to build a new life centered around our family. It takes time for a farm to be supporting so we needed another way to make a living. Our goal was for our sons to be able to work side by side with Harold. We ended up starting Texadus Pool Service in 2005. We provide pool service year round though summers are the *busy* time. Since we home school we are able to school year round so Aaron and Isaac can each have their days working with dad. Texadus Family Pool Service has been a blessing to our family. In the off season Harold works for H&R Block in a small family friendly office.

In 2007 Gifts From Our Hands was born out of a simple gift basket Lynn made for a young lady who was getting married. Following the gift, requests were made for other baskets and Lynn with the aid of our children was off and running.

We decided Gifts From Our Hands was a perfect complement to our central enterprise – Texadus Family Farm.

Gifts From Our Hands took a hiatus as our 10th child was born, but our oldest daughter Rebecca has now graduated from our home school and with her interest in making candles we feel confident that between the three ladies of our family, Lynn (mom), Rebecca, and Molly, Gifts From Our Hands should be able to stay up and running even if more babies arrive.

We are taking this opportunity to revamp and improve many of our previous baskets and add in Soy Candles by Rebecca, gift bags, and some new custom elements. We are feeling rather inspired this year and have a list of things we wish to add. Requests and suggestions are always appreciated.

Please check in often as we add more animals, more gift items, more farm products, more Texans, and who knows what else.

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