Aaaaaachoooo! Cold & Flu Season

It is apparently cold and flu season in Deep East TX. Harold came home the other day and told me they were considering closing the school in Carthage due to the number of students out with the flu. He asked me to get he and our boys started on our *Flu Danger Protocol*. So I thought I’d share with all of you.

When we show early signs of the flu or have been around people with it, one of the first things we reach for is my homemade elderberry tincture. It is very simple to make. Start with dried elderberries. I buy mine from –

I fill a quart canning jar about 1/3 of the way with dried elderberries. Fill jar with vodka. Put a lid on the jar, label it, date it, give it a good shake, and place in a dark cupboard. Every day for about 1 month, take it out, shake it, and return the cupboard. If needed we will start using it after 4 weeks, but I prefer to give it 6 weeks. At the end of 6 wks, strain out the elderberries, and put the tincture in a fresh jar. Date & label the lid. Then put the drained elderberries back in the original jar and some fresh dried elderberries, until about 1/2 full. Again fill the jar with vodka, and repeat the original process. We dose with about 3cc 2x a day for an adult or teen.

We use the Thieves Oil Soap that I make to wash our hands. I make my own Thieves Oil Blend using 100% pure essential oils. I use clove, lemon, cassia, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Yesterday, I made up an herbal hand sanitizer that I have been wanting to try. I have to say it feels and smells wonderful! You start with 100% pure aloe vera, mix in just enough witch hazel to thin it somewhat, but you still want it to be a gel. Then add in some Thieves Oil. I made 12oz of hand sanitizer and added just over 1/2t of Thieves Oil to it. I know Thieves Oil is excellent for preventing flu and similar illnesses so I am expecting good results from this recipe.

Other things we use to treat or prevent the flu are Vitamin D3 (we like Carlson brand), Cod Liver Oil (again we trust Carlson brand), fresh squeezed orange juice, and garlic… lots of fresh garlic.

I am very, very grateful that in spite of a household of ten people we are very rarely ill here. When we are sick it tends to be quite short lived. We also do not seem to pass things around much.

I will say I that I believe that nursing my little ones helps greatly to keep them healthy when they are young. I have nursed all my children, first with a goal of nursing to 12 months, and then with a goal of nursing to 24mos. I think the wonderful immunities God placed in breast milk definitely helps little ones stay healthier and avoid illness.

For us big people… I hope you find the recipes and ideas above helpful.

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