2010 Final? Kidding Results

Well it looks like kidding season has ended here for 2010… probably.  I do have 3 2009 doelings that could possibly kid later, but honestly not expecting them to.

So the final update is

24 does kidded

52 kids born (27 bucks/25 does) (34 MM/ 18 LM)

We are currently milking 20 does.

If anyone is looking for milkers or doelings we do have some for sale.  I have 2-3 older does and 4 first freshners available. We need to make room on the milk string for some of the doelings I want to keep.  I also have 10 doelings still available for sale. 2 of them are sisters to doelings I am definitely retaining.

It was a good kidding season. We saw our first set of quads. We had a couple of a favorite goats give 2 doelings each. We saw 4 doelings from our newer (and exciting) buck Cherokee Bill (he tends to throw bucklings)… and we saw one of his 2 daughters from last year kid out and come into a beautiful udder and great milk. I love watching my girls born and bred here flower out!

Now it is time to finish my breeding plans for 2010! We start breeding in 2 months.

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